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I hope you will find the Links below of interest and of use to you.

Some are places you can find information on Mental Health and Dementia some are World Development and assorted political sites. I have included some fun sites and literary ones as well.

The space here is limited so I'll be rotating sites from time to time
Just for Fun

Have a browse

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Google Go on you know you wanna google your name or a friends

Yahoo! Well it has stuff doesn't it

I Hope You Get Something From These Sites
Alzheimer Scotland Action on Dementia Practical help and support in Scotland for people with Dementia and thier carers. Also general information about the illness and issues surrounding it. Don't forget to look at the shop with us link that way income can be generated to continue to provide services.
Chat House It's nice to get a few moments to chat to people all over the world. Go to Joe's Diner and Guess who I am
Christian Aid A relief and development agency which works in partnership with local people and projects. Also it campaigns here at home on varied developmental issues
Grampian Care Data Listings for community care, health groups, self help groups in Grampian
Mark Thomas Comedy Product Hard hitting campaigning comedian. His TV Show is on Channel 4
Mind, Mental Health Mental Health Information
Mirrors Reflection Short Story and Poetry Forum
Monty Python Nudge Nudge Wink Wink, say no more
Yellow Times Alternative news site, Non censored


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